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Know Your Cool


Validation can be one of the most refreshing things in a moment of doubt. Coming right along and picking that self-confidence back up. The traditional route of becoming a big star in music, as of the past decade or so, was to have someone else pretty much tell you "you are cool." Once you receive that person's endorsement, they can put you in front of the people who you've been waiting to get a chance to show your gifts and talents. Whether that be a record executive or artist who can tell the world how cool you are for you.

Now, there is no doubt that these methods do work and still can be the quickest way to stardom. However, it is no longer the only way if you can muster up enough self-indulgence to "KNOW YOUR COOL" and send that out into the world wide web! At the touch of a button, you can take the necessary steps to start building a relationship with the people who may be willing to consume what you're selling.

It used to take a grand machine to get your art out into the world. There was a stronghold on where things were being distributed for people to consume. Today, however, is another story. There are social media outlets, which people consume the most. Whether it be beautiful photos on Instagram, controversial posts on Facebook, or videos of people playing video games on YouTube, we now all have access to the most popular outlets in the world.

Simply said, it's about the people. It has always been about the people. But now it doesn't take anyone else to tell the world, once you actually KNOW YOUR COOL because you have access to the tools that sit before you to let the world KNOW YOUR COOL.





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