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Use What You Have To Get The Things You Don't Have

As creatives, we often feel limited in our ability to bring our ideas to life. Whether you imagine your music video shot with a crane that's out of your budget or the dance scene that requires an ensemble of 1,000 dancers to make your vision come to life. The truth is big ideas take big money to come to life the way we see them. This hurdle can sometimes inhibit our creativity and downright discourage the little dreamer inside.

Now we are not here to tell you that the sky is purple when all of your senses are telling you that the sky is blue, but on the other hand, there is another paradigm that won't take away this hurdle but could shed light on a route to actively participate in your ideas. Before imagining how you want your world tour staging to look, take inventory of the resources you have in front of you. Maybe you know a filmmaker, who is looking to play with his new camera, or maybe not maybe all you are left with is you and an iPhone.

With a resource list that looks like this you can respond in one of two ways: 1: throw your hands up and keep hoping for that big check to come someday to pay for your big budget music video or 2: do a double take on your iPhone and ask yourself "what is this thing really made of?" And allow this curiosity to lead you to a google or YouTube search on "iPhone filmmaking".

You'll come across some astonishing work, that might change your mind entirely on what you think you need to get out your ideas. Let some of your discoveries start to cook up with your creativity. You may not be able to get that crane shot exactly how you want it but your creativity could be pushed to pump out something you didn't even know you were capable of.

So ultimately the main takeaways we care to stress from this article are, take a good inventory of the resources you have before you.Sometimes getting your head out of the clouds and channeling your energy towards your tangible resources might bring and an epiphany that can lead you to some real cloud surfing. The other takeaway is the device you are using to read this article - almost anything you need to learn to get what you want is sitting right at your fingertips and more than likely you can learn it for FREE!!!. Curling up next to a YouTube or Google search on your downtime could show you just how tangible some of your far fetched ideas might be.





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