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How to Become Who You Need to Be and Get What You Want

Staying inspired can be a tough thing, and at MUSIK !D TV, we seek to be that shot of espresso to help get you over the humps that can set you back along the way.

Hitting plateaus in life is a guarantee. We all hit a stage during our journeys where we just don't know what our next move should be. We re-evaluate everything we've done in the past and everything we are currently doing and ask ourselves "Is this working?", "Am I even doing the right thing?", or "Why does everyone else seem to be progressing in life and not me?"

One of my challenges to you is to ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Most of our readers and viewers are self-proclaimed musicians, and with this proclamation what we want almost seems evident. To be a great big superstar and touch the hearts of the masses with our freedom of expression channeled through the medium of music. On the other hand, though, do you, and the musician next to you have the same dreams? Maybe not, maybe you prefer intimate shows and a tight-knit following, and maybe your journey will be exclusively yours and cause you to identify what actions best suit you to achieve the goal that is unique to you.

A critical part of achieving a dream is realizing the magnitude of that dream. Maybe you want to change the world. Whatever dream you have, it's imperative that you have a good idea of who YOU have to become to achieve YOUR dream individually. Maybe you're not that person yet. Think about the attributes of this person, can they perform at the drop of a dime? Do they know music theory? Are they up on all the latest music trends or are they a recluse who practices the kazoo every single day?

Whatever they may be, are you the person you need to be to achieve YOUR dreams? If not, then you and yourself may have a little more work to do before expecting your dreams to come to fruition. Entrepreneurs boast this philosophy proudly, and at MUSIK !D TV we see aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs as kindred spirits. So I profess to you become who you need to be to get what it is that you want.





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