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Musik !D TV's Tribute to George Michael

Like many of you, we are absolutely devastated over George Michael's death. But instead of mourning, we are celebrating his life through the fantastic catalog of music that he left behind. We at Musik !D TV would like to share our personal George Michael moments:

Dave Sorrendino

My first time ever hearing George Michael was in the group Wham! Funny enough, it was right around Christmas time. My mom had the cassette which she played non-stop in our hunter green Dodge Caravan bounding around the winter wonderland that is upstate New York. His voice sounded so soft and light, kind of like a snowflake. His sound and production were like nothing I ever heard. He made a Casio keyboard sound like a harmonious church organ. It was simple, and it was perfection.

As fate has it, my last powerful brush with George Michael’s music came a few days before I flew back east for the holiday season. I was having lunch at my good friend’s favorite burger spot in LA, Shaka Shack. We talked about the ups and downs of the creative year for both of us for 2016. I began telling him about a personal struggle I have been dealing with, with a writing partner that decided to go a different direction after working together for a little over three years. I told him, “Paul, I just want to get on the scoreboard.” He then looked at me and we both simultaneously noticed that the song that was playing was Queen’s “Somebody to Love” performed by none other than George Michael. Paul started singing the song with full voice and fingers pointing high in the air at the chorus, “Love, Love, Love,” he said, “This is what the world needs now.” I had one of those goosebumps meets nirvana moments. I laughed, agreed, and listened to the song on repeat all the way home.

Thank you, George, for your magic.

And if you’re curious about those "Somebody to Love" lyrics that gave me that shake I needed, here is that magical second verse. - - I work hard (he works hard) every day of my life I work till I ache in my bones At the end (at the end of the day) I take home my hard earned pay all on my own I get down (down) on my knees (knees) And I start to pray 'Till the tears run down from my eyes Lord somebody (somebody), oh somebody (Please) can anybody find me somebody to love?

-- Tuko Proby

Selecting my favorite George Michael song was no easy task but when it boiled down to it, I had to go with "Careless Whisper". The lead melody of this song won't let up and will remain ringing in your head continuously after one listen. George Michael was on of the few artist who I recall had spoken about his sexuality while I was growing up. I'll always respect him for that.


Nicole Dawley

I became a George Michael fan after watching "Faith" on MTV. I come from a music-loving family, so we always had a record playing or music video blaring from the television at our home. I was about six-years-old at the time, and I remember being glued to the television every single time that video came on, and singing it over and over well after the video was over. It’s because I was drawn to his style and an edgy flair. I believe he was one of the first genre-bending artists who added a bit of “blue-eyed soul” to pop in the 80s, and he was what the music industry needed at the time. He was not afraid to experiment with a new sound.





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