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Nick Cannon Freestyles About Entrepreneurship and He Did Not Disappoint

(By Dan Bova | Published on February 09, 2017 for

He makes music, TV shows, runs companies and spearheads philanthropic initiatives. The only thing that Nick Cannon doesn't seem to do is sleep.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead!" a very busy Cannon told Entrepreneur when he swung by the Entrepreneur offices to talk about his new single "Hold On" (click to listen on SoundCloud and iTunes) and the billion other things going on under the umbrella of NCREDIBLE Entertainment, the TV, film, music, management, products and services company he founded in 2009.

At the root of everything he does, Cannon told us that he is fueled by an untamable entrepreneurial spirit passed down from his father. Watch to get the above video to get inspired (and for a few free business ideas, by the way) and, trust us, you'll want to stick around until the end. We haven't asked Bill Gates to freestyle rap about being an entrepreneur, but something tells us he wouldn't do half the job Cannon did.





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