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The social media landscape has completely changed the global economy.

Advertising dollars, which has funded television since the golden ages of the '60s. are starting to find their way into the social media ecosystem.

We spend a lot of time at Musik !D TV trying to hack this new shared social economy and where exactly will the musician fit into all of this in the future.

An honest answer would be being just musician, will not give you much of a place in a new market, especially the kind where people are used to getting music for free and having round the clock access to their favorite entertainers.

For musicians, especially independent ones, to stand a chance they would have to become more than musicians, they would have to become savvy content creators. Creating content that constructs an engaging online experience, building a community, and supplying that community with tangible products that serve as a some physical representation of that experience.

It would be a lie to say that nothing has changed in the music industry and that all of the complaints you may hear musicians venting about hold no merit.

It is true everything has changed and it won't get back to being the same.

But what do you do?

Do you let the dream succumb to the conditions or push through? That’s up to you. But we will share this one tip: whether you are an unsigned musician, a major label recording artist or otherwise, time is certainly of the essence. Get wise and get moving.





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