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Jamie Foxx & Shannon Ridley Discuss Fashion Tech + Creativity

(By Business Rockstars | Published on March 13, 2017 for

Jamie Foxx and the inventor of WizPak, Shannon “SLam” Ridley, discuss fashion technology and their creative processes with Business Rockstars. Shannon Ridley started out in the music industry and made the transition to wearable tech. He took his passion for music and created The WizPak™, a first-to-market patented Smart Backpack that is a true vision of wearable technology. Jamie Foxx, actor, entrepreneur, and investor, explains how “great people can be great in any circumstance.” Especially when they have the gift to create. Foxx explains Ridley’s talent in the area of creation. The WizPak™ was born because of Shannon’s understanding and execution of the process to build something revolutionary. Foxx explains how in terms of being a creative entrepreneur, this is the time to be alive.





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