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Pandora Premium is now available to all users for $10 monthly

(By Chris Welch | Published on April 18, 2017 for

No invite required to get in!

Pandora’s paid on-demand music service, Pandora Premium, launched last month on an invite-only basis. But today Pandora announced that it’s welcoming all users on Android and iOS to sign up for the $10-per-month subscription — in countries where Premium is available, that is.

Pandora Plus customers get a free six-month trial of the company’s answer to Spotify and Apple Music, which has a similar catalog of tens of millions of tracks but attempts to stand out through simplicity and, because Pandora has years and years of data to pull from, playlists that are better suited to your tastes.

Our initial review from March points to a strong start, but Pandora is still missing things including a desktop experience for Premium; you’re limited to ad-free music stations when listening from the web. You also don’t get Spotify’s beloved Discover Weekly or Apple Music’s exclusives. Pandora is betting that the mass market simply wants a streaming music app that’s easy to use above all else. Now you can see if it’s worth making a switch yourself without waiting on an invite.





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