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6 Easy Ways to get your music heard

You wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered your work of art. Ahhhh! Feels good, right? It feels so good, in fact, that you want to tell your friends, family, and strangers right this very second! After all, you spent countless hours on your music, and you are very proud of the outcome. But hold on, it’s important to craft up a well-thought-out game plan before becoming an email blasting–phone-dialing–social media-hashtagging-spammy-mick-spammer. So, we at M!D TV are offering 6 ways to promote your music effortlessly. Watch the video below.

#6. Keep links to your current single/album updated on all of your social media profiles and email signature!

This is the easiest way to promote your work.

#5. Connect with choreographers.

Guess who choreographers are connected to? Dancers, musicians, and music-lovers! Pitch your music to influential choreographers. They may be looking for your type of music for a performance or music video.

#4. Collaborate with another musician with a similar style – or not.

Your favorite artist does it, why not you? Teaming up with a musician can expose you to new fans. We’ve seen it work with musicians who create similar music or the complete opposite.

#3. Encourage fans to interact with your music.

Get fans to upload a cover for your song using a unique hashtag or submit artwork for your next single.

#2. Express yourself!

Show your fans that you are more than just your latest single. Share hobbies, family photos, or even music business advice.

#1. Market yourself as a business to business musician.

According to,, “one should spend time contacting event organizers, radio stations, websites, TV channels, DJs, and musicians. They most likely have a bigger audience base, and can expose you to people who fit your ideal fan base.”


How are you promoting music? Let us know in the comment section below.





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