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ALBUM REVIEW | 4:44 First Reaction

There has always been something special about Jay-Z's approach to his art. A sort of sophisticated street poetry. One thing I've learned while working in the entrepreneur field is that storytelling is at the heart of all great art, and this is something Jay-Z embodies in his latest effort 4:44. Starting off his 13th studio album with "Kill Jay-Z" where Jay takes the opportunity to address the many controversies that have surrounded his name in the past. Acknowledging the infamous elevator video of him and Solange in the elevator and eludes to him acting "Eric Bennett" seemingly referencing to Eric Bennett's reported adultery.

This is not the only thing that Jay-Z shed light on 4:44, he also shared with listeners his mother's sexual preference stating "Mama had four kids, but she's a lesbian..." Letting the listener in is one of the sure-fire ways to create a connection with a fan base (consumer) as an artist, and Jay-Z does this masterfully on 4:44.

Jay also goes on to share his views on the current state of social issues in America. Encouraging, black entrepreneurship, black legacy and giving investment tips on tracks like "The O.J. Story" saying "...I'm trying to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99."

This is definitely what artists who have platforms should be doing. That's my personal bias if you can give people something that could truly benefit them, and hey are willing to listen to you, then why the hell not? This is of course if you have something to give and Jay-Z has something to give. Well done Jay.





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