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How To Be A Kick Ass Producer | MUSIK !D TV Exclusive

1. Play your favorite instrument daily. Daily practice of an instrument trains your ears and helps you learn about music theory.

2. Learn the ABC’s of mixing. You must know how to blend several different sounds to create one kickass mix.

3. Learn the art of production by “Creating the craziest production room ever.”

4. Learn various types of music genres from all over the world. This cosmopolitan view will be useful when creating tracks.

5. Start creating music! Perfect or not, this is the only way that you will find your sound.

6. Watch what other producers do and how they do it.

7. Get connected to other musicians or producers.

8. Get advice from established producers.

Bonus tips:

  • Educate yourself! Many trade schools and universities offer sound engineering and music production programs.

  • Subscribe to Musik !D TV for music business advice and trends to help benefit your career.





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