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Fresh Music Friday: King Leaf - 2 Piece

King Leaf's latest single, "2 Piece" is more risque than our previous Fresh Music Friday features, but we can't deny the catchy track that has a slight Metro Boomin vibe. The LA-Based rapper dubs himself "The Sound Scientist," and we see why: he produces, mixes, and masters his albums.

King Leaf took some time out of his schedule to share details about his inspiration behind 2 Piece and why he wishes he could clone himself.

Musik !D TV: From lyrics to production tell us the inspiration behind 2 Piece?

King Leaf: I was actually driving in my car when the 2 Piece idea originally came about, can't recall exactly what inspired it, but hey, I was probably thinking I wanted 2 women, which is actually what 2 Piece stands for, for those who don't know - haha. Later on that day, I went into the studio, and my vibration was at an all-time high. I literally made the beat then freestyled over it and just went with the vibe which manifested over time into the 2 Piece record that y'all hear currently today.

MIDTV: You wear many hats as an artist: You’re a musician who writes, produces, mix, and masters, and performs his own music. What’s the pros and cons of doing it all on your own?

KL: The pros would definitely be not having to wait on anyone to complete a record, I could literally just be by myself and completely create a full record. [I have] unlimited beats and I know I’ll get exactly what I want when I do it myself. Not to mention when I'm tired of making beats, I can just write a song, or if I don't feel like writing, I can mix. The cons would definitely be time management; I wear so many hats that I sometimes don't get to completely finish everything. If I could clone myself I'd be unstoppable. When I'm writing my clone could be finishing the beat then my other clone could start on the mix all at the same time.

MIDTV: How did you get your start in the music industry?

KL: I had a deal through Universal with Hood Hop which was J-Kwon's label when I was 13. I would say that was really my start even though back then I was only a Rapper. My second start would be when I started producing, engineering, and songwriting for other major artists at about 19 years of age.

MIDTV: What advice would you give budding rappers/producers?

KL: My advice would be to give your all, and don't settle for anything less than greatness. Never stop growing and perfecting your craft. Yes, there's plenty of people chasing the same dream, but they can't deny you if you’re undeniable. Your music will speak for itself.

MIDTV: Where can people find updates on upcoming tours, new music, appearances, etc.?

KL: I would say probably my Social Media Pages | Instagram @WhoisKingLeaf | also will be up and running soon so everything you possibly would need to know will definitely be updated there.

If you'd like your latest single to be featured, contact Title the subject line "Fresh Music Friday" along with the title of your track.





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