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Fresh Music Friday: Gizzle - Get Loud for Me

Forget your morning coffee! Gizzle's "Get Loud for Me" will give you the hype that you need for the day. It was tested this week at the Musik !D TV offices, and it surely had us pumped for the workday. After taking a listen, you'll see why the track is featured in Bose's latest ad starring Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons.

We talked with the LA-Based rapper/songwriter, who pens hits for many hailed artists such as Kanye West, Travi$ Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj, and many others, about her latest single, ghostwriting for rappers, and what turning down a record deal did for her career.

Musik !D TV: Congrats on "Get Loud for Me" being featured in the latest Bose ad! How did that partnership take place?

Gizzle: Thank you, I appreciate the support and encouragement. It was my publisher Sony ATV that presented the opportunity.

MIDTV: “Get Loud For Me” is that track that pumps the listener all the way up and is very motivational. Very timely. Tell us the process of creating this song from start to finish.

Gizzle: Mike Sabbath or as I like to call him, "The Kid Genius" made the beat, sent it to me, I wrote it in the car on the way to the studio. We knocked it out in 30 mins, Bose heard it, then yea "hands in the crowd, we tearing it down."

MIDTV: What tips would you give musicians who'd like their work featured in commercials?

Gizzle: My advice is to set your intention on anything that is what you want personally or professionally. With the right amount of work ethic and direction you can get not just your music but anything you want, anywhere you want it to be.

MIDTV: You are credited as co-writer with many different artists, not limited to but primarily in the R&B and Hip Hop world. Many people believe that rappers should always craft their own songs from their sole experience. However, as times have changed hip hop has become collaborative. What do you say to people who think songwriting in rap takes away the magic from hip-hop. What is your honest take on writing for rappers? How do you feel about that?

Gizzle: I believe that no one ever does anything completely by themselves and collaboration should be expected and encouraged. Hip-hop is the only genre with that stigma and it's quite unfair. We are all here to make each other better, to create and recreate through the process of collaboration. Hip Hop is no different. Let's make each other great.

MIDTV: At the beginning of your career, you turned down a record deal, opting for songwriting instead. How did that benefit your career?

Gizzle: Songwriting has benefited my career tremendously because it is just a skill one needs to master in order to find true success and longevity in this business. So for that I'm grateful.

MIDTV: There are many artists anxious to make it. It took you about 10+ years to launch your solo career and get public recognition. Can you explain the process of what the wait was like for you?

Gizzle: The emotional journey. My whole career I've always had a solo career, it was just a matter of having a direction and consistency. There has really been no waiting or emotion to it. I know my path is like no one else's, I'm on no one else's time...the key to anything is knowing who you are, what you want, and how you want it, and once you know that your timing can't be anything other than divine.

MIDTV: What upcoming projects can fans look forward to seeing/hearing?

Gizzle: 7 days, 7 days , 7 days, more music, more partnerships, more growth. Thank you guys so much for taking the time.


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