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Fresh Music Friday: Terry Bright - Soul Ties

We've slowed down things a bit this week for Fresh Music Friday with "Soul Ties" by Terry Bright. I chatted via email with the Florida born high-spirited singer-songwriter about what soul ties mean and his experience in the music industry.

Musik !D TV: Soul Ties is a great R&B track. Tell us the inspiration for the song and the process of creating the track.

Terry Bright: Ahh, Thank you. "Soul Ties" comes from a dark place in my life as a kid into growing up into a young adult. I realized that I couldn't let go of certain situations, and they stem from things that happen to me as a kid. I hold on to things so tight; I analyze everything! I feel like writing the song helped me face my issues head-on because I just wanted to get over it. [I've learned] that everyone is not out to get you. That’s why my mixtape is titled OWLS because everything gets better with time. In time I became wiser and more aware.

MIDTV: What is a soul tie?

TB: A Soul tie is being trapped in a maze of your own lost self. It's something that's so deep because it's attached to your soul. Some people can relate if they have been sexually assaulted or molested or abused, and it’s NOTHING TO PLAY WITH; I TAKE SOUL TIES VERY SERIOUSLY! It can ruin a relationship, and how you connect with people.

MIDTV: As a songwriter, have you dealt with the pressure of writing a song that you don't agree with?

TB : No, I wrote every song on this project. However, I know there will come a time where I have to make a record to sell records. But I just want to keep living, being myself and I stay asking questions and talking to my friends and quizzing strangers; picking their brains!

MIDTV: What is your intention in music, what's your main motivation?

TB: My intention is to tell a story like a book or comic book about a kid trying to figure things out and who didn’t have it easy I just want to be myself and give a different perspective to R&B.

MIDTV: Being that a lot of your music is R&B based, what do you think about those who say that R&B is dead?

TB: R&B is part of pop culture look at SZA , Frank Ocean , Dawn Richard , Beyonce, Solange, Kehlani , Chris Brown - R&B DEAD WHERE?! If anything R&B is emerging into something bigger just like hip hop.

MIDTV: Like many artists, you uprooted yourself from home, which is Pensacola, Florida, to Los Angeles, California to pursue your career, what motivated you to make such a bold move?

TB: Ay, shout out to the 850 and 281 Pensacola, Florida and Houston Texas! Without these two places, I couldn’t write these songs! I moved to LA to I shoot my first film produced by Mario Van Pebbles called "We The Party" with YG, Snoop Dogg, New Boys, Michael J White. That was a big deal for me! I got the opportunity to be in the movie, and I jumped on it!! Why not? This was what I always wanted. Then I moved to Houston, Texas and attended Texas Southern University!

MIDTV: What has your journey in the music industry been like for you so far?

TB: My journey has been interesting because everyone I know and everyone that I have run into told me I wasn’t an artist. They suggested for me to be a model or an actor or just write music. I like to feel like I wanted to prove to myself like, "Nigga you can do this!" I was searching for validation from everybody, mostly my mentor Sean Bankhead. Then I realized that it's important to search for validation within myself because I'm the one making the music, selling the songs, being the product. They can’t see what you see. You have to make them see. That’s what my journey is: I’m continuing to make everyone see.

MIDTV: What is your method for tackling fear?

TB: FEAR IS A LIAR , and I hate liars

MIDTV: Besides your latest album, what projects do you have lined up in the future?

TB: Right now I’m planning a tour, I want to get television placements, and I will be working on a new project! I am already writing an EP called Owlet which is a smaller version of Owls. Mostly I want to do shows. I live in Atlanta now and shows are hard to get, so I just want to keep moving and stay ready for whatever.


Terry Bright's album Owl is out now. Be sure to follow him on his channels:


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