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Music Catalogue Sales Skyrocket! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

The sales of songwriter catalogs are rising, along with multimillion-dollar deals from major publishing companies. A songwriter’s catalog that carries hit records has bargained for 10 times its net publishing portion. Presently, songwriters are continuously witnessing numerous of 10 to 12 times NPS, and sometimes a multiplex of up to 16 for their copyrights.

Primary Wave has been the most ambitious and assertive for collecting songwriter catalogs, recently, from Smokey Robinson to Tom Cochrane.

“It will be a while before a writer is paid his or her due on Spotify the way labels are, so, for some of these folks, they can pull the money out of a catalog and buy real estate or some other investment that will provide a better rate of return over the next 10 years.” - Jeff Biederman of Manatt Phelps & Phillips

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