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Fresh Music Friday: Thurzday - Iconic

For this edition of Fresh Music Friday we bring you “Iconic” by Thurzday.

The Inglewood-based emcee has a reason to be iconic; he’s been in the game for over a decade and has made a mark in the Los Angeles hip-hop industry while in U-N-I and now on his own. Known for always paying homage to his hip-hop roots, Thurz shared in our Q&A that he's not making music to just be “dope” he wants his music to be “the illest representation of what I am experiencing "now. I want every creation to be a journal entry of laughter, celebration, love, sadness, overcoming, and more.” Ahhhhhh beautiful, isn’t it?

Read our short interview below to find out his creative process is now as a solo artist, his business venture, Party In My Living Room (House Party Series), and his fondest house party memory.

MUSIK !D TV: So, first off, "Iconic" knocks! Good job on the track. Describe the process of creating the single from start to finish.

THURZDAY: Thank you. "Iconic" was driven by the production from J.LBS. It moved my spirit the moment I heard the beat. We recorded the first verse at J.LBS studio in Inglewood and we both felt excitement knowing we had something special. I was trying to figure out what the hook should be for a few minutes and J.LBS looped the first bar and told me, "You thinkin too hard bro. That's the hook right there." It came together in a divine fashion.

MIDTV: When I listen to "Iconic," a part of the message that I hear is for people not to jump on bandwagons and follow trends; that one can reap success just being the best version of oneself. Who are you empowering in this song?

THURZ: I am empowering every listener, but more specifically kids like my cousins Elijah, Addison, Zion, and my daughter and son, Yanai and Kingston. There is so much in the world to consume and be influenced by, and there is no filter for good and bad. Growing up, we had OGs in the neighborhood, big brothers, uncles, and fathers that gave me a clear cut idea of how to be a "Man," and that idea is absent from music today. A "Man" or "Woman" provides for themselves and does the due diligence in finding the best way to navigate in the journey of life to provide for themselves, have their own and not follow trends of others. "Iconic" serves as the song to motivate the youth to choose that path in becoming their best self.

MIDTV: Now that you're a solo artist, how has the creative process changed or has it changed?

THURZ: The creative process has changed by not resisting the live wire of current emotion. I have evolved from just trying to be "dope," to making my current situation, whatever it is, the illest representation of what I am experiencing "now." I want every creation to be a journal entry of laughter, celebration, love, sadness, overcoming, and more. The creative process contributes to what I call "designer" music; music tailor cut from the cloth of life by yours truly with no parameters in soundscape.

MIDTV: With the success of the Party In My Living Room events, how far do you plan to expand this idea? Do you want to keep them in living rooms?

THURZ: I want to keep the living room esthetic consistent and do spin-off events in unique spaces. The brand of PIMLR urges music to be consumed with experience of neighborhood comfort defined by community. Universal success starts with the local experience.

MIDTV: After reading your LA Weekly article, it seems like you have very fond memories of house parties. What is your most memorable house party experience?

THURZ: In high school, one house party memory that sticks out was attending a function in Ladera. Most poppin house parties took place in Ladera and Baldwin Hills, because you had nice homes and all the hottest girls in the city. Those elements are important for PIMLR, but I remember walking into this house on Shenandoah with my new mustard yellow Avirex jacket with tan sleeves. I swear I got compliments on my jacket every 15 minutes and must've took home like 10 numbers that night. It was a good night when you got at least 2 numbers from girls at a party, lol.

MIDTV: What have you learned about the entertainment industry since running Party in My Living Room?

THURZ: I have learned that there is always space for a business that caters to the human experience. As the Stylistics sang, "People Make The World Go Round." regardless of the suits that aim to control culture.

MIDTV: Is there another part of your craft you would like to develop next?

THURZ: I plan to develop my screenwriting and directing skills next.

MIDTV: Being that you run businesses, your sock line, and Party In My Living Room, what tips would you give to artists who want to monetize their music?

THURZ: Monetizing your music is based on your connection with your fan base and potential fan base. Factors that contribute to touching those people are social media interaction and true engagement, merchandise at live shows, and relationships at streaming platforms for your music to reach beyond your organic reach. If you can make traction in those arenas, you will see your numbers increase on the financial end.

MIDTV: What's the #1 thing you need to be successful in the music industry?

THURZ:The number 1 thing is a committed, creative team. Your commitment to your dream will take you to great places, but your team will push you further.


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