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Will Blockchain Really Save Music? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Ujo Music made an effort to put music on Blockchain another time. Nest HQ, a dance music site accompanied by Skrillex and his label OWSLA, has posted a short video called “Blockchain & the Music Industry.” The video is six and a half minutes long.

Ujo Music joined Imogen Heap for a 2015 single, “Tiny Human” on the Ethereum blockchain. The song sold 222 copies with earnings of $133.20, even though it was highly promoted. Afterwards, Ujo Music apologized and confessed that they’d analyzed anything of what they were attempting to do after the song.

“We are but a few bright-eyed technologists with a special hammer, looking for the right nail.” – Ujo Music.

Ujo Music reappeared with a new DJ and record producer, RAC, who dropped an album EGO through Ujo in July.

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