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Kickstarter Relaunches Subscription Platform Drip! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Kickstarter first acquired Drip back in March of 2016. Ghostly International had launched the platform in 2012 as a way for people “to support musicians through subscriptions.”

Speaking on Drip’s sale last year, company founder and CEO Sam Valenti IV promised that “the service, community, and creators will remain active.”

Not much was known about the platform following the acquisition.

In a surprise blog post yesterday, Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen wrote, “Today we launch a new Drip for artists and creators across the full spectrum of disciplines we support on Kickstarter. Just as artists, authors, game designers, musicians, and filmmakers use Kickstarter to fund and build a community around their projects, Drip is a tool for people to fund and build a community around their ongoing creative practice.”

Like its parent company and rival Patreon, the platform will focus on helping content creators succeed through crowdfunding. Instead of providing tools precisely like Patreon, Drip will once again focus on a subscription model.

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