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Fresh Music Friday: Robert Norman - "Close To Me"

As lovers of reggae (and every other genre!), we were pleased to hear the refreshing sounds of Robert Norman’s “Close To Me” this week.

I chatted with the hazel-eyed Texan via email to discuss how “Close To Me” was created and other touchy-feely goodness such as how he found his love for music.

Musik ID TV: We at Musik ID TV enjoyed listening to "Close To Me." The track has sexy-cool reggae vibes. Share your process of creating the track from concept to completed single.

Robert Norman: I wanted to make something that was fun and positive. I’ve always liked reggae vibes because the whole essence of it embodies positivity and good energy. I wanted to pay tribute to all of the great pioneers of calypso reggae sounds and that’s how it came about. It was co-written by my good friend Donye’a G and produced by Chris Wooten and Azul Wynter.

MIDTV: So, tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get started in the music business?

RN: I’m from Houston, Texas and I’ve lived in LA for over 10 years. I’ve been writing, engineering and working with brilliant musicians and innovators of sound. I got started in music at a young age while I watched my mom minister, preach and sing all over the world. I watched the positive influence she had by just encouraging people and that sparked my passion for music.

MIDTV: Do you remember the moment you realized that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter/producer? Describe that moment.

RN: I had already had the passion from watching my mother for years. When I moved to LA I was exposed to a level of musicality that I hadn’t been exposed to before. It opened my eyes to limitless possibilities of sound and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

MIDTV: Your Instagram is visually stunning, very artistic, and you're behind many of the designs. Do you sell your artwork or do you keep it strictly for album covers, digital portfolios, etc.? And why?

RN: Thank you! Eventually I’d like to have some kind of digital art form to sell. As of now I make art for myself and close friends but I do hope to do that on a larger scale one day. My intention when I’m making art is to inspire and I always hope that it translates.

MIDTV: What advice would you give those who would like to pursue a career in singing, songwriting, producing or art?

RN: Follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you that can’t do the impossible.

MIDTV: Please share any upcoming projects that you are releasing soon.

RN: I want to have my EP together by the end of the year. Until then I’ll be releasing a lot of singles, so you’ll be getting a lot of content from me this year.


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