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YouTube Still Trying To Rebound! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

In March 2017, The Times of London released a report that made huge advertisers shift away from YouTube. According to their report, YouTube has been monetizing radicals and hateful videos. YouTube decided to modify their monetization code, urgently.

The changes indicate that channels with lower than 10,000 views are no longer able to include external links to their videos. Recently, there have been a large number of videos demonetized, which caused many complaints from content creators. Also, the popular channels on the platform started to lose their traffic.

In November 2017, The Times of London and the BBC made another overwhelming report on YouTube, claiming that the platform monetized children’s videos with predatory comments. To make things worse, there are tens of thousands of predatory accounts open. YouTube has demonetized nearly 2 million videos in total.

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