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What Streaming Services Are Paying In 2018! (Part 1) | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

In this episode, we will be discussing streaming services and how they pay per play.

In 2017, Digital Music News discovered that Napster had the uppermost payouts after 90,000 plays on their service. Musicians would receive the US monthly minimum wage of $1,472. However, Groove Music takes first place. Groove Music had the substantial per-stream payout but had the shortest streaming music market share of 0.65%.

Napster takes 2nd place, and Tidal comes after. It had discovered that Tidal had less than 180 days left before it ran out of income. Although, Tidal has a higher musician earnings payout and pays $0.01284 per stream. The 4th place goes to Apple Music. This platform has a 22.29% market share in the streaming music market and catching up to Spotify. Apple Music has a more significant per-play rate and pays $0.0064.

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