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What Streaming Services Are Paying In 2018! (Part 2) | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

In this episode, we continue to discuss streaming services and how they pay per play.

5th place goes to Amazon Prime Music. Amazon has 16 million subscribers from both Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Amazon pays $0.0074 per play. Deezer takes 6th place. Deezer is French-established streaming music and has over 40 million audio tracks on their platform. This platform pays $0.0056 per play to musicians and has a 3.24% market share in the US.

7th place goes to Google Play. Google Play has a 4% share in the streaming market and pays artists $0.0179 per play. Spotify is positioned at 8th place on the list. Even though this service has the highest number of paid subscribers, they pay $0.0038 per play. They have a 51.51% market share and earns seven-figure payroll. 9th place goes to Pandora. Pandora has a good market share but has the worst musicians payout. The service pays $0.00134 per play. The last place goes to YouTube due to the lowest payout of $0.0006 per play.

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