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Predicting Hits With Hyperlive! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Hyperlive is a new music tech startup that anticipates a song’s hit potential by utilizing its ‘audio signature.’ This technology creates a field of ‘neurobiobehavioral’ responses to music.

“The major benefit of our algorithm lies in how accurately it forecasts a song’s hit potential before it is exposed to a wider audience… What’s more, from artists, publishers and labels to music repositories, streaming platforms and music tech companies, we envision a whole host of value-creation possibilities enabled by an algorithm that’s able to predict a track’s potential for success.” – Geoff Luck, CEO of Hyperlive

Hyperlive had an accurate prediction of how 200 singles from 10 popular artists, like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, would do by examing each song’s audio signature. Hyperlive’s data came to an 84% total accuracy.

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