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Fresh Music Friday: Gina Gunz "Scars"

Spunky, funny, and straightforward, Gina Gunz is that homegirl you MUST hang out with for happy hour. Her videos will have you laughing out loud! Watch her 5 Annoying Things Guys Do! and 5 Things Girls Should STOP Doing! videos to see her in action.

The New York-based singer, actress, and vlogger showcase her multifaceted talent on her YouTube channel where she shares winning mashups, hilarious list tips, easy-to-do beauty advice, and more. One of her tracks that caught our attention at the Musik ID TV office is"Scars" from her forthcoming EP Loading.

For this week's Fresh Music Friday, the bubbly Boricua dished on vlogging, social media life, and what she thought about GRAMMY President Neil Portnow’s women in music need to “step up" statement.

Musik ID TV: Hi Gina, thanks so much for taking the time to do this feature! Share your process of creating the single from concept to completed single.

Gina Gunz: The concept of Scars started off with a beat I heard on YouTube. The pop beat gave me love song vibes and the words and idea just began to flow and Scars was born.

MIDTV: How did you decide on the creative direction for the visual?

GG: It kind of just came to me. The song felt magical, so I pictured a magical forest that could symbolize love. Love like a forest can be scary, but also very beautiful.

MIDTV: On your social media channels, along with your music, you have vlogs, comedy videos, and beauty segments. Do you think more musicians should have a jack-of-all-trades approach when it comes to being successful in the music industry? Why?

GG: I think having more than one thing going for yourself, creates opportunities. Make up tutorials and comedy videos may not be your thing but acting and fashion could be. I think it’s important to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Playing It safe May work for others, but it’s just not my thing.

MIDTV: How important is social media in your world?

GG: Social media is very important to me because it allows me to meet new people to work with, new fans and it allows me to stay connected to my current followers. Everyone is on their phones, so it’s the best way to get my message heard. If I weren’t into the craft of creating and sharing with others around the world, I most likely wouldn’t post anything at all.

MIDTV: Is there another part of your craft that you would like to develop next?

GG: I would like to continue to build with my music and personality and eventually dive fully into acting in films and Broadway.

MIDTV: What has your musical journey been like for you so far?

GG: It has been beautiful at times, and dark in other moments. You never know what it’s like until you dedicate yourself to this with all that you have. I know what it’s like to sleep in a studio and take a bath in a dirty bathroom, and I know what it it’s like to finally make money off of doing gigs to support myself. If I had to do it all over, I would. Because this is what I do.

MIDTV: What made you feel like pursuing a career in music was a tangible thing?

GG: When I was a little girl, I always watched other people on tv and it lit a spark in me. I wasn’t sure if it was tangible at first, but the hope in me kept the dream going until it became my reality.

MIDTV: Have you ever wanted to give up? What kept you going?

GG: All the time ! It’s normal. I’m human. I sometimes get frustrated when I don’t see the results I want. I could get really down on myself. But with time I’ve learned that those negative thoughts block my blessings, so I just refocus my energy into a new video or new song and it fills me up.

MIDTV: Recently, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow’s said that women in music need to “step up,” after mostly males collected Grammys this year. What do you think about this statement? Can or should women do "more"?

GG: I think everyone has their own opinion on what they feel is great music. I don’t agree with his statement as that is merely just his opinion. While I believe there is always room for growth in the female category, the Grammys has really just become a popularity contest. There are amazing female artists killing it right now and just because they didn’t win a Grammy doesn’t mean they didn’t touch large audiences, and reach other great accolades in their careers.

MIDTV: Please share your current and future projects and where can we find your work.

GG: I am currently finishing up my EP, titled “Loading”, and my next single is “Dreams”. You can learn more about me at www.GinaGunz.Com and follow me on most social media handles, @GinaGunz everywhere!


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