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Lino Bets On Blockchain To Take On YouTube! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

YouTube and Patreon have been heavily criticized lately by the media. With YouTube changing their ad-revenue rules regularly, how could unsigned/independent musicians receive money? One word: Lino.

Lino is a Silicon Valley-located company, and their operation depends on blockchain-based micro-cash. Lino is ready to challenge YouTube’s destructive rules against content creators. Patrons will use Lino tokens to pay musicians. To generate the tokens, the creators must develop and share content on Lino’s platform. With blockchain technology, bots are blocked from altering the platform’s reward dispersion procedure.

“We’re trying to create a decentralized autonomous video content community. The problems of YouTube and Twitch were that those companies are profit driven and to maximize that content; they have to squeeze more content out of creators and users. We are trying to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the content economy, so we can cut out the middleman so we don’t have a conflict of interest between the users and the content creators.” – Wilson Wei, CEO of Lino

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