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Fresh Music Friday: Tiyon Christian "Something Serious"

Can we talk about Tiyon Christian's vocal runs? You can liken his voice to butter: smooth, creamy, and spreads across each track with passion and intensity. His single "Something Serious" showcases his skill as a singer and songwriter, that's why it's our top pick of the week.

Just like his music, the Kentucky native brings that same zeal and excitement to the tracks that he writes and produces for other artists like John Legend, Justin Bieber, Brandy, Estelle, Justin Bieber, T-Pain, Jacob Latimore and many others.

In our Q&A he shared how he crafts a good song and what keeps him motivated to keep singing.

Musik ID TV: Share your process of creating "Something Serious" from concept to completed single.

Tiyon Christian: Something Serious is such a personal song! I remember sharing my experience with my music parter Hi Jackson. We just started vibing creating the record off of real experiences we both had gone through in our crazy relationships.

MIDTV: You've penned hits for Justin Bieber, Tamar, Yo Gotti, JLo, Brandy, Backstreet Boys and many others - do you have a songwriting secret? What is YOUR method for crafting a good song?

TC: Honestly I just go off of feeling, I try to take something that everyone can relate to and put it into song. It comes easier that way. It just flows

MIDTV: How did you get your start in the music industry?

TC: Some people may know me from SoundClick, MySpace, or YouTube… I've been releasing cover songs since 03'. I would have so many people hitting me up asking me if I wrote music. For the longest I would say no, as I continue putting covers out, but after a while I ventured off into it. Writing music was new to me, but I entertained the thought of it and after a year of writing, I wrote for some of my favorite artists, I definitely wasn't expecting it! It was like a dream come true.

MIDTV: Your Instagram is super lit, TC! You share your craft, the craziest memes, and focus groups. Among all that, there is one post that many of us creatives can relate to which is your latest #TransparentMoment post. So inspirational! What advice would you give to songwriters, producers, singers, etc. who are facing tough times and how to keep going?

TC: Faith! You got to have that more than anything, because in this industry people can tear you down. Realize nothing is guaranteed, always be grateful for your blessings… But most of all, believe in yourself and your craft. Don't let people take advantage of your gift, fight for what you deserve. lol

MIDTV: What would you like people to take away from your music?

TC: That it is 100% me, it's real, it's raw, it's truly how I feel. I'll try to connect to my listeners from a real perspective, they want to get any fillers from me.

MIDTV: Any current/upcoming projects you'd like to share and where can we find your work?

TC: I actually have been working on my own album, trying to make sure I have the best product to release to my fans. I'm sure they will appreciate the realness and vulnerability. It's just great music. New projects coming soon… Yes I said projects with an "S" LOL. I'm excited & I'm sure my fans have BEEN ready! Long overdue .


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