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Hit Single Becomes A Million Dollar Business! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Starshell, a singer, made a $1 million business from her own single. The former protégé of Mary J. Blige made a website inspired by her single, “Birthday Girl.” The site made 250 million impressions since it started back in 2015.

Value Investment Group made a considerable contribution to the “Birthday Girl” business, and Starshell will use the proceeds to bring in new staff and enhancements for the company. The singer’s purpose behind this website was to spread awareness about mental health, especially to the teen community.

“For me, I happened to lose my sister to teenage suicide. I decided to build a platform about suicide and mental health, and I created a song to back into the idea of loving yourself. I created the songs so I could back into the conversation. I feel like technology was the one way I could generate the most social impact. Music was great, but it was just a song.” – Starshell

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