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What's The #1 Social Media App In The U.S.? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Ever thought who is taking the lead in the social media game? The Pew Research Center created a study to determine Americans’ social media usage so far in 2018. They discovered that 94% of Americans use YouTube.

The researchers detected that the younger audience favors YouTube more than Instagram (35%) and Pinterest (29%). 27% of Americans use Snapchat, 25% uses Linkedln, and 24% uses Twitter. Even seniors gravitate towards YouTube, giving Facebook the 2nd place. Only 16% and 14% of the older audience utilizes Instagram and Twitter. Even though YouTube has been taking a lot of heat from advertisers and the press, people are still in tune with the platform.

What do you guys think? Which social media app do you use the most? Let us know in the comment section down below.





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