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Net Neutrality Battle Blazes On! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

It seems like the primary ISPs are requesting firmer laws to compel the The Federal Communications Commission’s order. Since the net neutrality rollback, legal pros have revealed the FCC’s inability to complete its arrangements. The ISPs are being challenged by a complicated patchwork of state-by-state net neutrality laws.

“As we have cautioned repeatedly, we simply cannot have 50 different regulations governing [broadband]. It’s time for Congress to step up and enact legislation to make permanent and sustainable rules governing net neutrality. “ – US Telecom

“ While the FCC’s 2017 Order explicitly bans states from adopting their net neutrality laws, that preemption is invalid. According to case law, an agency that does not have the power to regulate does not have the power to preempt. That means the FCC can only prevent the states from adopting net neutrality protections if the FCC has authority to adopt net neutrality protections itself.” – Barbara van Schewick, Professor from Stanford Law School

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