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Leaving Money On The Table! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

There’s a new Los Angeles-based startup called Create Music Group (CMG) that helped musicians like Marshmello and Future to seek success and financial stability. How do they do it?

CMG uses the same procedure as the big music companies, but they have the ability to observe more unclaimed money by using their own program and examine tricks to classify added clips that have used music without their clients’ approval. Then, CMG can claim the artist’s partnership share in YouTube’s system so that it can monetize views with advertisements.

“What if we give you guys a six-figure advance, and if we don’t double what you’re currently making within 90 days, you can keep the money? Marshmello’s [YouTube] revenue tripled in 90 days, and we now support almost every act on Moe’s roster.” – Jonathan Strauss, CEO/Co-Founder of CMG

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