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Fresh Music Friday: AEYEZ - Ice

We are all about the beats here at Musik !D TV, so we're thrilled to feature Producer AEYEZ for Fresh Music Friday. Listen to his latest track, "Ice."

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, his influence from old Memphis Rap and Vaporwave-styled synths creates a Slowed 'n' Screwed effect that sure to be a hit at any party (or as Mary J. Blige says: "Dancery"). The chill producer shared how he got his start music production, what keeps him going as an indie producer, and his favorite instrument.

MUSIK !D TV: From concept to completed track, what is the inspiration behind "Ice?"

AEYEZ: With 'Ice' I suppose I wanted to try learning different ways to side-chain my kicks in a way that gives them the effect of being more punchy and cut into the synth. I love vaporwave and old late 80's/90's digital-sounding drums, but I also really have a thing for cool-sounding chords/pads. Last but certainly not least, I've looooooved old memphis rap for a long time and enjoy making "phonk" beats. I sampled a Lady Bee song that featured Kingpin Skinny Pimp. It's funny though because Lady Bee is actually Kingpin, just under another moniker and pitching his voice up. Female Memphis rap mc's such as Lil yo are awesome in the way they tell almost a whole story throughout the course of the song. The vocals make great samples.

MIDTV: Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get your start in making beats/producing music?

AEYEZ: I've played guitar since a young age, but a friend introduced me to Ableton during my senior year of high school and I've loved it ever since. Digital production with music just seemed like another extension to having fun and getting a chance to be creative!

MIDTV: What has your musical journey been like so far? What keeps you going?

AEYEZ: In the beginning, my friend taught about how the audio devices within Ableton work and how to utilize VST's such as Ozone. I enjoy playing around with the program so much that over time I taught myself most of what I know, but of course it helps to have a couple friends who just like hanging out and making music together once in a while.

Within my first year of college in Saint Louis, I began to go to a lot of shows and just make friends with local musicians and people that keep the scene running in STL. I've met some great friends through that and started playing shows at the clubs such as 2720 Cherokee and BlankSpace. I also worked with our Uni's radio station and concert booking club and it gave me the opportunity to hang out with some musicians I really looked up to such as DJ SPINN DJ PAYPAL and Shlohmo when the wedidit crew came to play at our campus. I absolutely love music in itself and I suppose the fun, friendships, and great memories keep me going as I hope to create many more! [^-^]

MIDTV: OK, let's have a little fun, you're stuck on an island, and you only have one instrument to play, what is it and why?

AEYEZ: Definitely a guitar. I still enjoy shredding some hair metal and I'm trying to learn more with jazz guitar. Speaking of great guitar solos, I'm reaaally into the solo in the middle and end of Gloria Estefan's 1, 2, 3. Makes me picture time traveling back to like 1997 Miami, cruising down south beach in a convertible ferrari lmao.

MIDTV: What do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

AEYEZ: I hope people get into their feels , I like creating emotion

MIDTV: Where can people find updates on upcoming tours, new music, appearances, etc.?

AEYEZ: Whenever I play shows I try to post something on twitter or the fb page alongside the help from the booking people/promoters at the venues, but I should probably find some better ways or learn how to coordinate a media presence more and reach out to blogs.


If you'd like your latest single to be featured, contact Title the subject line "Fresh Music Friday" along with the title of your track.





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