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Fresh Music Friday: CoopDaTrille - Tired of Taking L's

This week's Fresh Music Friday track comes from one of our subscriber and frequent commenter, CoopDaTrille. He dropped some "Aggressive Intelligence" with his track, "Tired of Taking L's."

Aggressive Intelligence is the name of CoopDaTrille's latest album, but it also defines the St. Louis, Missouri-based rapper: outspoken, introspective, and street smart. He took some time out of his schedule to share his experience in the rap game and the role social media plays in his life and career.

Musik ID TV: From concept to completed, what is the inspiration behind "Aggressive Intelligence?"

Coop Da Trille: The concept is basically stating that I'm book smart and street savvy. I come with Aggression in my music but if you listen closely, I'm speaking with Intelligence. Plus I drop a gang of jewels in my music because that's what's missing in today's climate. I just try to add value to people's lives in my music.

MIDTV: Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get your start in music?

CDT: I've been rapping for years! My dad used to have a rap group, so as a kid, I would watch their creative process and go to studio sessions with them. I jumped from group to group until I was really Forced to go solo. It ended up being the best situation for me.

MIDTV: What has your musical journey been like so far? What keeps you going?

CDT: My musical journey has been great so far! I've been to Rico Love' Music Conference and learned so much about the industry and songwriting. In addition to that, I've met some creative people from the conference. And when my EP dropped, I've received nothing but positive feedback so that keeps me going! I've also got better on the marketing end since I have My Smart Shirts. It's a futuristic way to distribute content to consumer by scanning their phones on the shirt to get access to my music and videos. I'm so passionate about what I do, so that keeps me ambitious.

MIDTV: As a regular commenter on Musik ID TV's episodes, we'd like to know how important is social media in your world? And how do you balance your personal life and social media?

CDT: Social Media is very important because it has the most attention! The first thing that "Average" person does when they wake up is look at their phone and go straight to whatever platform/app that they are heavily involved in.

As far as balancing with my personal life, I use it as strictly a business type platform. I don't post anything too personal because I believe if you give the world ALL OF WHO YOU ARE, then you have nothing to fall back on in solitude.

MIDTV: What do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

CDT: I really want my listeners to be motivated to accomplish their goals and to be 100% true to themselves! I believe I represent for the outcasts/oddballs of the world. Also, I want my listeners to NEVER limit themselves. The more restrictions you put on yourself, the more regrets you're gonna have in your later years.

MIDTV: Where can people find updates on upcoming tours, new music, appearances, etc.?

CDT: You can find my music on all streaming platforms and YouTube! Follow me on IG @Coopdatrille for updates about shows and future projects. I also have a Podcast on Anchor FM named "Trille Talk Podcast" where I have Real conversations about real events. --- If you'd like your latest single to be featured, contact Title the subject line "Fresh Music Friday" along with the title of your track.





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