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Fresh Music Friday: Isis Williams - Underground

"The system trying to keep me underground, but you can bet your best bet they will not keep me down..." These lyrics are from Isis Williams' thought-provoking track "Underground." She said, "the track speaks on the pain of not just me but whomever can relate to it." Take a listen:

Armed with amazing motivational quotes (check her Instagram page), the Philly emcee, singer, and songwriter is changing the game one song at a time with her brother, Tyquill Williams. Together, they represent a shared mindset of people who choose not to live a life based on the repetitive ideas of the past but instead works to improve the world and oneself.

Read on to learn about Isis and Tyquill's music experiences and what led them to launch a lifestyle brand.

Musik ID TV: From concept to lyrics to production, what was the inspiration behind "Underground?"

Isis Williams: The inspiration behind the underground track are the actual tribulations I’ve been through in my life and it speaks on the pain of not just me but whomever can relate to it.

MIDTV: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start in music?

IW: I’m originally a Singer-songwriter who just recently started to rap. I also recently partnered up with my brother on Team Brannew's musical portion of the entertainment brand.

MIDTV: You’re a singer, songwriter, and rapper. But as a rapper, do you find that it’s still difficult to break barriers in hip-hop? Why?

IW: I never really got a break in music, So me and my brother decided to take an independent approach. Although difficult at times, because of what popular hip hop sounds like today I feel like it should only make the real musician's work even harder to break those barriers!

MIDTV: What has your musical journey been like for you so far?

Tyquill Williams: Before producing for Isis I hadn't done anything musical prior. Except maybe listening to music! Collaborating with my sister has really helped mold my music taste. We're still just getting started, So I'd say so far so good.

MIDTV: What advice would you give to budding singers/songwriters/rappers who would like to be successful in the music industry?

IW: Stay original stay true to what you believe in. Be persistent and knowing no matter how hard it gets, never be afraid to switch lanes along the way! You never you may discover more about yourself.

MIDTV: You founded Brannew Entertainment. It’s described as a “lifestyle brand about Self Reinvention through Music, Travel, Visual Art and Gaming.” What encouraged you to start this collective?

TW: As a creative, I Illustrate and photograph on my free time. And I travel often always looking for new adventures with my blogging. But to figure out how to bring everyone together is where my entrepreneurial spirit comes in at.

Hear more of Isis' music on these major streaming services:

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