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TuneGo Curates For Majors! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

New platform alert! TuneGo Inc. has debuted a new invite-only musician-sighting program. The company permits record labels, music administrators, talent agents and playlist directors to observe new talent while supervising artists and music on their current roster.

“The portal aggregates a wide variety of data points and can be customized with an array of criteria for their unique needs. In the music industry today, it is difficult to know which new artists to back and which new content to push; our portal takes the guessing out of this equation as the data we collect helps to quantify a number of important factors that, in turn, can help music industry decision-makers to determine the next potential superstar or hit single.” – John Kohl, CEO & Co-Founder of TuneGO

According to the company, the platform authorizes data and analytics from online activity, fan interaction, and industry observation to decide the possibility of a musician’s mainstream success.

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