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Fresh Music Friday: kAui - Fallin'

On this first day of June, we are "Fallin'" for kAui's latest love-laden track. Listen:

His Instagram handle is @kauistopplayin, and we see why. The phrase "stop playin" is merely stating that the third generation singer/songwriter/producer comes correct with his talent and creativity and it trickles down to the stylish clothes on his back. The Queens, New York native whose name means "Keeper of God’s Earth"makes sure that he spreads his love of music abound by working with heavy-hitters such as Ryan Leslie, Latasha Alcindor, Mickey Shiloh, Audio Push, Bryson Tiller, Sevyn Streeter, and many more.

The multitalented crooner recently shared with us the concept behind his track "Fallin,'" what he learned from producer Timbaland, and what other talent he wants to groom.

MUSIKIDTV: Share your process of creating Fallin' from concept to completed single.

kAui: The process of Fallin’ was pretty much how most of my process goes when making a record. I’ll come up with a melody that I think is dope, record that melody and then fill in the melody with words after. I didn’t produce this record (like how I usually do). It was produced by my brother MiguelLdn from London. The original plan for the record was for me to just add some music to it. But then it struck an idea and I ran with it.

The idea of being guarded because of past relationships that didn’t go as planned and feeling like your love should be protected. But now you have someone that’s giving you that feeling again and you find yourself falling in love with them. They basically helped you find your smile, find your soul again. They gave you that feeling back! And at that moment I was going through that exact situation so it was pretty easy to translate it into a song.

MIDTV: As an experienced singer, songwriter, and producer what is the recipe for a great song?

kAui: The recipe for a great song to me is a catchy melody, a beat that has a great bounce/groove and lyrics that resonate with you just like the vibe if the record. The lyrics don’t have to always be deep, they can be simple. A great song is also a song that challenges me as the listener. Something that is familiar but yet still different and fresh. That is all what makes a great song to me.

MIDTV: Are you pressured to write songs that you don't agree with and how did you deal with that?

kAui: I’ve actually been fortunate enough to not have been in a situation where I had to write a song or songs that I don’t agree with. Grateful I haven’t had to deal with that so far in my career.

MIDTV: You got the once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by Timbaland. What advice has he given you that you found useful to your career?

kAui: One thing that Timbaland told me was to always stay true to who I am as an artist/producer. I’ve always did that prior to meeting him and even after meeting him, but when he told me that it solidified (again) that I was doing something right.

MIDTV: Do you recall the exact moment you realized that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter/producer? Describe that moment.

kAui: The exact moment I wanted to be a singer/songwriter/music producer was when I would watch my father do all those things in our in-home studio. I was like a kid in a candy store, having all that studio equipment in my own home. I was in awe when he would be in a creative mode. From watching my father produce the song, write to the song, record the song himself and then release it on his own—all the way to being around Big Daddy Kane and going to studio sessions with my father, music just spoke to me and reeled me in. And then of course, growing up watching the greatest of all time, Michael Jackson, perform and be as amazing as he is helped shape me become who I am today.

MIDTV: Which producers, songwriters, or artists are you inspired by and would like to collaborate with and why?

kAui: I would love to work/collab with Labrinth, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Kanye West, Brandy, James Fauntleroy, Rukhsana Merrise and her production team. These artists inspire me a whole lot. And I really believe one day soon, I will get the opportunity to work with them.

MIDTV: Being that you're a triple threat (singer, songwriter, and producer), is there another craft you would like to develop next?

kAui: I really want to get better at graphic design. I’ve always had a love for that and I work on it now but I really want to take it to the next level. It’s just something about it that I feel is connected to everything that I already do. So graphic design for sure.

MIDTV: Please share any upcoming projects that you are releasing soon.

kAui: Well, I’m gearing up to release some new music. I’d say mid June. Been working on my new project. Going to be releasing a new song and 2 visuals every month. So just feeding the world , content after content. All at a high quality level. I’m really excited for you guys to hear this new music. I’m also apart of my brother Mike Classic’s new project dropping soon. I did some production on there. So definitely check out for that.


Get to know kAui here:


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