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Fresh Music Friday: Fake Smile - Tish Hyman feat. Vory

"Fake Smiles" by Tish Hyman pretty much sums up why it's our Fresh Music Friday pick of the week. The Bronx born, Los Angeles-based singer/rapper/songwriter sang, "...When you ask me what’s up do you wanna know, Or did you really just come here for them smoke? What the fuck should I expect from Hollywood being round a bunch of niggas I don’t really know? Thinking back in the Bronx it was the same thing except niggas had less and they gang banged. Everybody was just tryna get they rent paid, but I don’t worry 'bout that much these days...I smile when I’m going through hell, but the pain in my eyes ain’t hard to see..." - Tish Hyman

"Fake Smiles" by Tish Hyman is our music pick of the week!

Visit Tish's website for more music at

If you'd like us to feature your latest single, send your music to me at Write "Fresh Music Friday" in the subject line along with the title of your track.





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