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Is Coachella Becoming A Monopoly? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

On June 21st, it has been reported that Coachella owner AEG is crafting for a complete removal of its ‘radius clause’ lawsuit. As stated in court paperwork from the lawsuit, Coachella’s ‘radius clause’ puts harsh restrictions on musicians who grant to perform.

“The entire purpose of the radius clause is to protect AEG from competitors unfairly free-riding on its creative choices in selecting its artist lineup. As more festivals proliferate, maintain a unique festival lineup is crucial for Coachella to remain competitive.” – AEG’s attorney

Also, court records have revealed that this clause was prohibiting artists from performing in another festival or themed occasion in nearby states (California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington) for almost 6 months. Precisely, the blackout span goes from Dec. 15th to May 1st, and conventional shows are blocked as well.

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