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MM Act Passes Senate Judiciary Committee! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

On June 28th, it has been reported that the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee cooperatively established an improved Music Modernization Act, which means that it can now transfer to be voted on by the full Senate.

“Today’s vote is a huge step towards the Music Modernization Act becoming law. We are pleased that the MMA as approved by the Committee builds upon the fundamental compromise between music creators and digital services that will greatly benefit songwriters….With the many important stakeholders involved, it is no small feat for the MMA to have made it this far, and once the MMA is signed into law, songwriters will see more of the money they deserve from streaming services which currently operate off of laws from 1909 and consent decrees from 1941.” – David Israelite, CEO & President of NMPA

If the full Senate finally approved this act, which means the bill would have to reappear in the House of Representatives. The RIAA noted that the MMA reflects all elements of the industry uniting.

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