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Fresh Music Friday: Niia - Sideline feat. Jazmine Sullivan

“It takes time to get someone out of your mind…” - Niia

Today, Los Angeles - based singer, Niia, blessed her fans with her debut album I and slapped a cherry on top by adding a spinoff of her song "Sideline," featuring Jazmine Sullivan.

The visual for this track is simple yet powerful. Shot in black and white, the two songstresses strut confidently in downtown LA as they belt out major concerns in their troubled relationship with the same person. Who is the “other woman” in this case? We will never know.

Niia shared with FADER that Jazmine was the only choice for this duet because she's just so great. She said, "If I was ever going to lose to another woman, I'd want it to be a strong, incredibly talented, beautiful woman. Jazmine Sullivan is that woman."

Fun fact: Musik !D TV’s CEO, Tuko Proby and Niia are both featured on Ana-Tole's Prelude, from The Arkadian Spring soundtrack.





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